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Informations on is only for education or hobby. Only user, who publishes post/file or other, fully responsibility for the content. If the content breaking the law, communicate any information about user to police or other law enforcement agency. does not provide information about user to others. Passwords and IP numbers are encrypted in database and only administrator have access to this. is opposed to breaking the law, but someone people do not follow our terms. reserves right to images/texts from people using our service.If you saw the message or file that you think is illegal or violates your personal interests, please immediately contact the administrator.
§1 General Rules
  1. This terms is a list of rules at the forum
  2. Registration on is a completely free and voluntary.
  3. Registration, as well as any login is acceptance our rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from its observance.
  4. On one account falls only one owner and only he has the right to use this account. It is forbidden lending accounts to others.
  5. Having multiple accounts it is not allowed. If you break this rule each of yours accounts was blocked. If a person is going to re-register - it will be blocked her IP address.
  6. If one computer is used by more than one person registered on the, you should report this to an administrator.
  7. By registering an account on our forum, you are aware of lack of opportunities later to delete your account and all sorts of data associated with it!
  8. Registration abusive user names is prohibited under penalty of account lockout.
  9. Each user is obliged to regularly read regulations because of the possibility of frequent updates.
  10. Updating the regulations is important with the update entry.
  11. The administration reserves the right to interfere in the content of all user accounts, except for personal data such as passwords.
§2 Personal culture
  1. It is forbidden to insult and completely forbidden to use profanity on the forum.
  2. Censorship curse by an asterisk "*" will not be considered, as well as through other special characters.
  3. Breaking Polish law will be considered for breaking our rules.
  4. Problems with writing, with the principles of spelling or punctuation may end up receiving the possibility to comment on the discussion forum. To avoid making mistakes Administration proposes to install the appropriate software correcting errors.
  5. In order to maintain full cultural expression and their proper level, it prohibits provoking, expressions of hatred and the like.
§3 Content posted on the forum
  1. Offtopic is not allowed.
  2. In the process of publishing statements User is obliged to comply with the law in Poland, and in particular not to publish content related to pornography, pirated software, stimulants, inciting racial hatred, religious, ethnic, etc. and fascist contents, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening, violent, profanity, infringing the rights of others, etc.
  3. Each post may be edited or deleted by the forum team without any justification.
  4. Topic Title should contain specific message content, and a shortcut placed in the post.
  5. Each letter written on the forum becomes its property.
  6. The "Edit" should be used when the user wants to add something to your previous message. Writing a post under fasting is forbidden and can match with granting the warning, and then blocking the writing posts.
  7. Before you write about, make sure you are in the appropriate section and, if there is no topic on similar subjects of expression. Notoriously dialed the wrong department or recurrent themes topics will be severely punished by the team forum.
§4 Signatures and avatars
  1. The maximum width of the graphics in the signature: 400px, the maximum amount of signatures: 200px. Acceptable is the short text below the image in the specified dimensions (maximum of 2-3 lines depending on the size of the font).
  2. The maximum font size is "4".
  3. The affixing content inconsistent with the rules.
  4. The signature must be neat and aesthetic.
  5. Each signature of each user may be edited or deleted by the team. We reserve the right to unlimited interference in your signatures.
§5 Electronic correspondence
  1. Acceptance of the Rules is tantamount to consent to receive e-mail correspondence by the service (mother) and portals hereditary.
  2. The first paragraph also applies to accounts banned/ inactive.
  3. To unsubscribe, during registration must select a mailing or deselect this option in the profile.
  4. To unsubscribe, select it in the profile.
§6 Other
  1. It is forbidden identification of sex, which is owned are not.
  2. Created account name can not be the equivalent domain name (eg.
  3. Publication of any content from your account, we are not the owner is not allowed.
  4. It prohibits the public offering players the e-money for material benefits in the form of cash. At a time when broken this prohibition data offering will be issued to the appropriate individuals.
  5. Statuses do not serve as a place for advertising - it is not allowed.
  1. Advertising does not include sponsored links type adfly.
  2. Your editorial skills and aesthetics must be high.
  3. Advertising does not have links to information that is published at a different address.
  4. Your ad contains the full details of the project / Server without links like "Click here for more", or "see other things here.".
§8 Author of Topic
  1. The author added the topic (ads) can be ONLY administration server.
  2. Requests for verification must be reported to the "Admin".
  3. Project administrator receives a unique rank confirming authenticity.
  4. The Administrator will get the opportunity to create new value in the section publications.
§9 Topic Title
  1. Naming the topic should begin with the selection of a suitable prefix (§13).
  2. Topic title should read: 'Name Server | Home / IP / Short slogan 'names will not be accepted.
  3. To make it easier to find the publication you should add relevant tags to help the search.
§10 Ad content
  2. Advertising server should not be less than 5 sentences.
  3. Advertising must contain the text, it can not be done only with graphics.
  4. Limit graphics that can be inserted in the ad is: 8 topic with more will not be released to the public view.
  5. Content should be clear and transparent (Remember: colored text, fun with font - This is not transparency)
  6. The ad must find basic information such as:
  • Projected date of start server
  • Link to the page / forum
  • IP (if already available)
§11 Liabilities's publications
  1. Revisions to the publication every 14 days, otherwise it will be archived.
  2. Author Topic undertakes not to create a fuss in the forum.
  3. If the publication will be row, the author is obliged to notify the Administration of the forum.
  4. Taking part in the quarrel by the author may result in a warning or stopping the removal of publication.
§12 Rating publication
  1. Assessing the publication should be culture.
  2. The evaluation should consist of a few sentences justifying an opinion that has been exposed.
  3. Type assessment "Surely I drop '' will come for sure the super administration 'will be successively removed.
  4. Negative reviews should be based on evidence such as making a call or photos.
  5. Avoid quarrels and even more to create them, each start fights end will be warnings or blockages writing.
  6. Accusing something the server should be based on evidence of this in the form of photos, otherwise the charges will not be taken into account by anyone.
§13 prefixes for selected sections

1. For SA:MP:

  • [Role-Play]
  • [Deathmatch]
  • [Drift]
  • [Truck]
  • [Survival]
  • [Other]

2.For MTA:

  • [Role-Play]
  • [Deathmatch]
  • [Drift]
  • [Truck]
  • [RPG]
  • [Survival]
  • [Other]
3. For GO (Gothic Online):
  • [Role-Play]
  • [Other]
§14 International board
  1. We use only the English language.
  2. reserves the right to remove comments in other languages (English only).
Publications and opinions inconsistent with the rules department will be gradually removed, notorious not comply with the regulations could result in receiving a penalty which is a blockage of writing or warning. Any claim and any exceptions to the rules, please consult the moderator responsible for the department.

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